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Welcome to my news page. This page will broadcast interesting items of what's happening in the world of Welsh ceramics that I can find. So if you have any interesting Items or finds that you think might be relevant please contact me with any details and photograph if possible.

Swansea Mounted Plate From The Harold Davies Collection

This is one of the few pieces of Swansea Porcelain mounted with bronze. Wrongly catalogued by Sotheby's as probably London decorated, this example has long been attributed to William Billingsley. W D John in his definitive work on his life working with porcelain shows this plate illustration 62b, the bronze handles shown in the illustration have been removed to prevent any further damage to this excellent example of Swansea Porcelain. This plate is also shown in illustration 3 on page 224 of A . E. Jones-Sir Leslie Joseph Swansea Porcelain Shapes and Decoration.

This item again shows that William Billingsley had lost none of his decorating skills while at Swansea

Swansea bronze mounted plate

One of only a few bronze mounted or adorned Swansea Porcelain pieces

Pair of William Billingsley Vases

A pair of Swansea Porcelain Vases decorated by William Billingsley again showing an urn with flowers and foliage. Both with feint red Swansea mark, these vases were also from the Harold Davies collection

rare find

A rare find. This very rare Nantgarw Vase was bought at a boot sale and thought to be Spode. It was brought to Nantgarw house for me to verify that it was in fact Nantgarw Porcelain.

Another Rare item found at boot fair

Like the proverbial London Bus you can wait for ever for one then two turn up at the same time. At the recent Nantgarw China Works Museum Antique Fair a Cabinet cup was brought to my stand, the gentleman had found it at a local Boot fair and being a local himself had an idea it was Nantgarw but wanted someone to confirm his thoughts. I was pleased to do this and got a little exited by what he had brought to the fair.It was not in the best of condition with its handle missing ,but the most interesting thing was its state of decoration and by whom it had been decorated. It was obviously painted at the factory because it was not completed, it shows figures in a domestic scene . In the booklet on Nantgarw Porcelain produced by the Museum and the late Dr Rowland Williams there is another Nantgarw Cabinet Cup showing a very similar scene and is illustrated on page 30 figure 76 where it is stated it was decorated by Pardoe. Very few of Thomas Pardoes work with this style of painting exists and I am pleased to say this example has pride of place in my display

rare find

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